There are are "NO EXCUSES" for impaired driving when there are services available to get party goers home safe. There are even services available to get them and their cars home safe. So as a push in the community, our "NO EXCUSES" Campaign has had a huge acceptance among establishments of various natures, participating bar locations, and individual support from people in the community. We are the ONLY Driver For Hire Designated Driver service provider in Atlanta that can give as many free rides to customers, employees, and proprietors as we do. Where some companies seem to be about charging the people for a subscription program and then charging them to use the service at a discounted rate to us is a ridiculous idea. We feel that this should be a service based on the principle of being created and maintained by the people, for the people to enjoy. It's not about who has the biggest business, but instead focused on how many lives are saved by keeping as many impaired drivers as we can off the road.

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7 days a week

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